20 Players Remain

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1b 20/71

There were two casualties and Frederic Maniez would have almost made it three, but eventually doubled through Konstantin Tourevski. Walter Hosiner was less fortunate – the Austrian busted yesterday just before the end of Day 1a and now ran out of chips again after being down to around 10 big blinds previously.

Maniez was in a three-way pot to the Kh Js 4c 6h turn with around 12,000 in the pot. Tourevski bet 5,500 out of the big blind and Maniez moved all in for 8,700. The button folded and Tourevski called it off with the 10h 8h for a flush draw. Maniez had the Ks Kc for top set and completed a full on the 6c river.

Frederic Maniez – 29,000

Konstantin Tourevski – 45,000

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