A Big Double for Menalque

$365 Bounty Event #16 Day 2 2/104

Level 20: 5,000-10,000 / Ante 1,000

On the Ks 4s 5d flop, Jean Luc Adam checked and Jose Menalque bet 25,000, which Adam called. The same happened again on the 8c turn for 30,000 before the 10d appeared on the river. This time Adam bet 40,000 and Menalque moved all in.

Adam reluctantly called and was shown 7h 6c for the straight, he mucked the Kc 6s for top pair and straight blocker.

A few hands later, a min-raised pot was checked on the Ac Jd 9d flop and the 5s turn. Adam bet 40,000 on the 7h river and Menalque called to muck when shown As 6d.

One hand later, Adam raised and then folded to the three-bet worth 55,000 by Menalque, who flashed the Ks Kc. The outcome? Menalque moved up to 560,000 while Adam is at around 680,000

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