A Chip and a Pair of Aces

NLHE Event #3 Day 2 16/236

Level 20: 4,000-8,000/1,000

Tommie Janssen open-shoved for 83,000 and Christophe Enrici called all in for 82,000 from the small blind, Robbie Bakker folded the big blind.

Janssen showed the 8h 8c and Enrici doubled with Qc Qh on a board of 7d 6d 4d 7c Jd.

One hand later, Werner Eder raised and Janssen was all in for the ante, David Allafort called in the big blind and then check-folded the Kh 4h 3h flop. Eder showed Ad 10c and Janssen, who had not looked at his cards, turned over the As Ac. The 10h on the turn and the Js on the river were blanks and Janssen was left with 8,000.

Enrici moved up to 180,000.

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