A Tale of Jacks

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1c 54/92

The current average is 20,222 and Felix Sang bumped his stack over that. The hijack checked to Sang and he bet 1,700 on the Qc 5h 7h 3c turn. The hijack then called and checked again to Sang on the button on the Qs river. Sang’s bet of 2,000 found a call and he showed Jd Js as winning hand to get up to 27,500.

Ben Beighle also had a jack, but only the Jd in his hand. On the Qc 19s 6h 9s 8d river, Peter Lawson bet 4,050 from under the gun and Beighle called. “I have the nuts,” Lawson announced and flashed Kd Js before Beighle mucked the inferior straight.

Lawson moved up to 52,000 and said “I have a bet with Layne (Flack) for the bigger stack on Day 2, I gonna play aggressive.” Beighlre dropped to around 20,000.

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