Adam Shows a Pocket Pair

$365 Bounty Event #16 Day 2 4/104

Level 17: 2,500-5,000 / Ante 500

Jean Luc Adam raised to 12,000 in the small blind and Jose Menalque called in the big blind. On the Kc 5d 4d flop, Adam continued for 13,000 and was called before the 2s turn was checked through. On the Ah river, Adam bet 13,000 and claimed the pot uncontested.

The next hand, Adam raised to 12,500 on the button and Mohammed Elmazouni called in the big blind. The flop came As 10c 7h and Elmazouni check-called a bet worth 12,500. On the 8s turn, both checked and the Dutchman also checked the 9h river.

Adam bet 28,500 and Elmazouni folded, showed the 10h. Arman Bosnakyan immediately said “nice bluff Jean Luc,” to which Adam replied “no bluff, I have a pocket pair.” Adam then exposed the 5c 5d for just a pair of fives, his stack has already grown to 640,000. Elmazouni stands on around 118,000.

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