Annovazzi on a Mission

NLHE 6-Handed Event #10 Day 2 2/61

Level 19: 3,000-6,000/ 1,000

The start of the heads up was clearly dominated by Alexandre Annovazzi, who appeared to be on a mission with plenty of aggression.

Michael Lech limped in, Annovazzi made it 22,000 to go and Lech called. On the As Qd 7c flop, Annovazzi bet 27,000 and Lech folded.

The next hand, Annovazzi raised to 12,000 and Lech called. The flop came As 8h 2c and both players checked. After the 4s turn, Lech checked and then called a delayed continuation bet worth 18,000. The 4h on the river completed the board and Lech checked, Annovazzi bet 55,000 and forced a fold after brief consideration.

Alexandre Annovazzi – 240,000

Michael Lech – 484,000

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