Bakker Builds Stack; Cavazzini Takes One

$365 PLO Event #19 Day 2 14/91

Level 15: 1,500-3,000

On a three-way flop of Qc Jh 9d, Augusto Cavazzini check-called a bet of 4,000 by Christopher Staats and the Kh fell on the turn. Cavazzini bet 4,000 in the big blind and Staats folded on the button.

Soon after, a three-way limped pot emerged and the turn read Qc 3s 2h 6s. After no flop action, Staats bet 4,500 and Robbie Bakker raised the pot to force folds from Adrian Chandler and Staats. Bakker mofed up to 130,000.

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