Beighle Busts; Janssen Doubles

$365 Monster Stack Event #13 Day 1 70/128

Level 9: 400-800 / Ante 100

“I take 50% if you reenter, 50% for 30,” Layne Flack said to Ben Beighle who had just busted at the table. Then, minutes later, the next player was at risk in Willie Janssen. He four-bet all in with 6s 6h for 19,600 and three-bettor Cory Nolan called with As Kd.

The board ran out Qh Jh 3c 2c Jc and the pair of sixes held for the Dutchman, who moved up to 43,000. Nolan is still way above average with around 74,000 though.

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