Benmoha Busts One

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1b 22/71

Mohamed Nahed limped in and a short stack pushed for 10,400 from one seat over. Jean Claude Benmoha called in the small blind and Frederic Maniez forfeited his big blind.

The player at risk showed 10h 10d and Benmoha immediately asked for a seven on the flop, holding the dominated 7c 7d. The flop came Kd 9c 4c and nothing changed, but the 7s on the turn improved Benmoha to a set.

After the 9s on the river, Benmoha said “I am so ashamed” while his opponent left with a simple “bone soiree”. Benmoha moved up to 76,000 and the current average is 35,166.


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