Bislick Busts to Brown

$365 Monster Stack Event #13 Day 1 41/136

Level 13: 1,000-2,000 / Ante 300

At the very start of the new level, a big pot brewed between Ramses Bislick and Marvin Browne. The latter had flat-called a raise by Shawn Rice before the duo went at it after. On the Kh 5h Ah Jc turn, Bislick shoved out of the blinds and Browne called.

Browne tabled his 10h 2h for a flush and Bislick tried to muck As 10c, the 6d river was a formality. The stacks were counted and Browne doubled for just under 50,000, Bislick was left with two big blinds and busted soon after. Browne boosted his stack to massive 150,000.

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