Bislick Crushed by the River

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1c 45/94

On the four-way flop of 9h 9s 7c, the action checked to Ramses Bislick and he bet 2,800. He picked up three callers including Peter Lawson in the big blind, who joked in chat “we don’t believe you.”

The 7s fell on the turn and again it checked to Bislick, who announced all in. His first opponent folded, Lawson called and Konstantin Tourevski quickly folded as well.

Bislick: Ad 9d

Lawson: 9c 8d

The cruel 8c on the river gave Lawson the better full house and sent Bislick to the rail. Lawson’s tower of chips appeard to be around 85,000, if not more.

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