Bourhaleb Is Missing

NLHE 6-Handed Event #10 Day 2 9/61

Level 15: 1,200-2,400/ 400

Frederic Maniez missed the first hand and then claimed the second one by raising to 5,000 and claiming the blinds and antes.

Over on the other table there were three small pots happening.

Michael Lech limped from the button and Aroon Maharaj checked the big blimd. On the Ad 4c 7h flop both checked. After the 5c turn, Maharaj check-called 3,500 and the Ks river went check, check. Maharaj showed Jh 6c and Lech claimed the pot with Qs 3d.

Then, Willie Janssen limped from under the gun and Maharaj filled up in the small blind, Tommie Janssen checked the big blind. The trio checked down the board As Kd 3c 8h 6c and Willie won the pot with Ks 10h.

Maharaj raised to 5,200 and folded to a three-bet by Tommie. Mohamed Bourhaleb missed all this, as he hasn’t shown up yet at all.


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