Chenga and Beighle Trending, Ryan Busts

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1c 25/96

Ricardo Chenga June doubled his short stack and then shoved the next hand, showed Ah 10c when all opponents folded. Chenga remains short with around 14,000 but is still in.

Ben Beighle won a couple of smaller pots and built his stack up to 50,000 while Martin Ryan busted over on table eight.

Ryan was already all in and Marvin Browne as well as Christophe Rosso checked the Kh Qd 3h Jh turn. On the Jc river, Rosso bet 6,000 and Browne folded. Rosso showed Jd 10h for trips jacks, and Ryan was gone with 8c 8d.

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