Chenga Leaves Empty-Handed

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1c 22/96

In the previous hand, Bernard Chetrit took down a small pot by betting the Js 7h 5c 10s turn against Ricardo Change June in the small blind and Tommie Janssen in the big blind.

Then, Chenga June shoved the next hand from the button for around 13,000 and Janssen called in the small blind.

Chenga: Ks 3c

Janssen: Ad 10c

The board ran out Qs 8h 2h Qh 5s and neither player hit to eliminate Change June. Janssen, who had busted the last hand of level nine and re-entered at the very last second, moved up tp 93,000 after this hand.

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