Colpitts Doubles Through Lawson

$365 NLHE Event #22 Day 1 27/121

Level 13: 800-1,600 / Ante 200

On the four-way flop of Kh 10c 9c, Peter Lawson checked in the small blind as did Tony Makhlouf in early position. Jeffrey Colpitts bet 4,000 in the cutoff and Timothy Cavallin called on the button. Lawson then check-raised big and Makhlouf folded.

Colpitts called all in and that forced out Cavallin as well.

Colpitts tabled the Ks 7s and Lawson was on a draw with the 8h 7d. The Qh on the turn and the Qs on the river changed nothing and Colpitts doubled for 24,500, leaving Lawson short on around 15,000. “I had Qc 7c,” Makhlouf added, which would have made runner runner trips to scoop the pot.

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