Donoghue and Flanders Double

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1c 27/96

There are still 27 players remaining and the last two players at risk doubled.

First it was David Donoghue, who doubled for 13,300 with Jh Js against the Kd Jd of Claudette Nannini on a board of Ad 9h 8c 3c 7d.

Then, Angelo Flanders was at risk for his last 12,200 with Qc Qh and Sean Stoll isolated on the button with Jc Jh. The board came 8s 6s 3s Ad 4h and Flanders doubled as well. He is at 27,000, Donoghue at 31,000. For Nannini, 65,000 remain and Stoll has about 42,000 left.

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