Double Seat Open and Fenton in the Lead

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1a 24/69

It started rather innocent in a six-way limped pot. In the previous hand, Werner Eder had check-raised all in to force a fold. This time, he did so again from the small blind for around 19,000. The under the gun player had bet 2,400 and received three callers.

After Eder’s shove, the under the gun player reshoved and Dueval Fenton also moved in from the button to create a massive pot.

Eder: 10d 6d for two pair

UTG: 7s 7d for a set of sevens

Fenton: 9d 8d for the nut straight

Neither the 4c turn nor the 9c river changed anything and Fenton knocked out two opponents, boosting his stack to 104,000 as a result.

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