Elmazouni Forces Fold From Bosnakyan

$365 Bounty Event #16 Day 2 4/104

Level 18: 3,000-6,000 / Ante 1,000

Arman Bosnakyan called a raise by Mohammed Elmazouni and the duo headed to the flop of Ah 5h 3c. Bosnakyan checked in the small blind, Elmazouni bet 12,000 and Bosnakyan then check-raised to 42,000 before the Dutchman shoved.

Bosnakyan asked for a count and Elmazouni was at risk for 141,000. If the Canadian called, he would have only 10,000 left and eventually folded the Ad, Elmazouni showed him the 8h.

Mohammed Elmazouni – 220,000

Arman Bosnakyan – 110,000

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