Elmazouni in Great Mood

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1b 42 / 70

In the previous hand, Mohammed Elmazouni stole the big blind of Ramses Bislick and showed an ace. The next hand, a six-way limped pot emerged and Bislick joked to Elmazouni “that is all your fault.”

On the As Kc 3d flop, action checked to the cutoff who bet 1,000, and just Elmazouni called in the hijack. On the 8c turn, the action went check, check, and the same applied on the Qd river.

Elmazouni showed Ks 4c, but that ended up second best to the Ac 6c of his opponent. Despite losing the small pot, the Dutchman is up to more than half the average with 48,500 right now, smiles and jokes a lot at his table.

Bislick was down to 1,400 after folding that hand on the flop and busted soon after.



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