Fenton Doubles Through Eder

NLHE Event #3 Day 2 4/236

Level 24: 10,000-20,000/3,000

Back from the break, Werner Eder raised to 50,000 and Jean-Pierre Didier shoved for 475,000. Eder asked for a count and then folded, Didier flashed the Ks Kh.

Soon after, Dueval Fenton shoved for 271,000 and Eder called out of the small blind.

Fenton: 2s 2c

Eder: Ks Jc

The board came Qh 8c 6h 8d 7h] and the deuces held up, Eder fell to 720,000 and Fenton moved to 570,000.

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