French and Eder Rising

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1c 49/49

After a raise to 300 from early position, Dominick French called on the button, the blinds folded. On the 7c 4h 3c flop, action checked to French and he claimed the pot with a bet.

One hand later, Mario Eder raised to 250 in the hijack and French in the cutoff as well as the big blind came along. On the Qd 8c 7s flop, Eder continued for 400 and both opponents called. The 2d turn and the 8d river then went check, check. Eder shrugged and showed Js 10h while the big blind had Ac 9d. It was however French who grabbed the pot, holding Ah 7h for eights and sevens.

Dominick French – 16,000

Mario Eder – 23,000

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