Hatice Demir Eliminated in 10th Place ($1,320)

NLHE Event #3 Day 2 9/236

Level 21: 5,000-10,000/1,000

In the cutoff, Jacco van Limpt raised t0 20,000 and Patrick Alain three-bet to 70,000. Hatice Demir announced all in out of the big blind and van Limpt folded, Alain snap-called.

Alain: Ad Ah

Demir: Ac Qs

The board came 10h 9c 4h Kd 3s and the stacks were counted. Alain was at risk for 354,000 and Demir had that covered by 2,000, she was forced all in the next hand.

Alain raised the next hand to 20,000 and Christophe Enrici called in the big blind, then chec-folded the 8d on the Js 8h 5h flop.

Demir: Ad 9c

Alain: Ah 9h

The 10s turn changed nothing, but the Jh on the river gave Alain the flush and Demir exited in 10th place. This was the last hand of the level and there will now be a short break to set up the nine-handed final table.

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