Hicks No Longer in the Lead

NLHE Event #3 Day 2 40/236

Level 15: 1,200-2,400/400

William “Timmy” Hicks started the day as dominating chip leader, but Christophe Rosso just doubled through him. Preflop it was just raise and call, but on the flop Jd 10d 4c things escalated. Ultimately, Rosso was at risk for 48,100 with the Jc 6h and Hicks only had Qd 10s.

The 3h turn and 9c river were bricks and Rosso doubled. “I didn’t believe you had the jack,” Hicks added and dropped to 148,000. Rosso is at 105,000 and Werner Eder at the same table at around 120,000.

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