Hsiung in Trouble; Spence Eliminated

NLHE Event #3 Day 2 30/236

Level 17: 2,000-4,000/500

Chan Ping Hsiung raised to 10,000 and Christophe Rosso called on the button before Jacco van Limpt shoved the small blind for 74,500. Both players folded and van Limpt claimed the pot to boost his stack to 105,000.

Soon after, Hsiung faced a bet of 16,000 by Werner Eder on the Qc Qh 9c flop and elected to fold again, he got cut down to just 35,000 as a result while Eder is thriving with 192,000.

At almost the same time, Donald Spence was eliminated by Marvin Browne and that reduced the field to the last 30. Browne is in a prime position to make a deep run with 155,000, the current average is at around 93,000.

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