Janssen Assumes Control

NLHE 6-Handed Event #10 Day 2 8/61

Level 15: 1,200-2,400/ 400

Over on table one, Aroon Maharaj bet the Qc 4d 3h flop and called a raise to 21,000 by Willie Janssen before the duo checked down the 8s turn and a blank on the river. Janssen showed Qh Js for top pair and Maharaj mucked with the words “nice hand,” dropped to 45,000. Janssen has 115,000.

The other Janssen, Tommie that is, has just demolished Joachim Lob in two hands and lost a smaller one in the third hand.

Lob raised the button and Janssen called in the small blind, Sean Stoll came along in the big blind. On the Kd 6h 3s flop, all checked. The 8d turn saw Janssen bet 8,800 and just Lob called before the 2s on the river let the Dutchman fire 40,000. Lob called and Janssen showed 5c 4c for the nut straight.

One hand later, Lob check-raised the Jh 10d 6d flop to 16,000 and Janssen shoved to force a fold.

Last but not least, Lob check-raised all in after a flop of Ah Js 8h and this time Janssen folded. Tommie moved up to 250,000, Lob has around 70,000.

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