Janssen Pays off Lech

NLHE 6-Handed Event #10 Day 2 4/61

Level 18: 2,500-5,000/ 500

Michael Lech opened to 12,000 from the small blind and Willie Janssen called in the big blind. On the As 6d 3c flop, both players checked. Lech then bet the Qs turn for 14,000 and received a call before the 8d on the river completed the board.

Lech made it 28,000 to go and Janssen reluctantly called after asking the dealer to spread the pot. Lech showed Ac 5c and Janssen mucked Kh Qd.

This pot increased Lech’s stack to 213,000, while Janssen fell to 163,000.

In the meanwhile, the Monster Stack has entered level two and Dominik French, Ben Beighle, Patrick Alain and Peter Hajszan joined in – the clock shows 62 out of 64 players remaining.

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