Juhas Gone

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1c 26/96

While Jean Luc Adam massively over-bet a pot of 11,000 on the river of a board 9c 8h 3s As Kc, and ultimately forced a fold from Chan Ping Hsiung before showing his 8d 8c for a set, the stack of the Frenchman had taken a massive dive and he only has around 45,000 now. Hsiung remains among the big stacks on 105,000.

And then, Attila Juhas shoved at another table at almost the same time and was called by Felix Sang. Juhas showed Qh Jc and Sang had the Kd Qd. The board came Ac Kh 4h 9h 4c and that was the end for Juhas, Sang has 60,000 now.

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