Kremser vs Bosnakyan

$365 PLO Event #19 Day 1 37/86

Level 8: 300-600

Arman Bosnakyan limped in and Thomas Kremser raised to 2,100 from one seat over, Bosnakyan called. On the Js 8d 10d flop, both players checked. The 3d on the turn saw a bet of 2,600 by Bosnakyan and a call by Kremser before the As on the river was checked.

Kremser showed Ad Kh 5h 4h for a pair of aces and that won the pot. Bosnakyan showed his QdJc 5d 5s and Kremser then said he thought he had ace-king of diamonds for the flush draw.

Thomas Kremser – 16,000

Arman Bosnakyan – 21,000

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