Lawson Fires for the Win

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1b 56/67

On the three-way flop of Kc 10c 9d, the action went check, check. After the 10s turn, Peter Lawson bet 700 from under the gun and just the big blind called. On the 8c river, both players checked again and Lawson showed the 9c 7s to scoop the pot.

One hand later, the button and small blind limped in and Lawson made it 700 to go. Both opponents called and the Ah Kd 8d flop was checked to Lawson. He bet 1,250 and the button was the only caller. Lawson also fired 3,050 on the Jh turn to receive a call before his shove on the Qh river went through without resistance.

“It took me five bullets to win a hand,” the American joked.

Peter Lawson – 14,000


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