Level 6 Without Ragoonanan

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1c 66/84

Ashram Ragoonanan lost the remainder of his short stack with Qs 6d against the Ad 7d of an opponent, who turned a pair of sevens and then bet to isolate against a third player. Right after, the blinds went up to 150-300 with a running ante of 25, as level six got underway.

Another big pot was brewing over on table four at the same time between Patrick Alain and Attila Juhas. On the Ks 10c 6s flop three-ways, Alain bet 2,500 in the big blind and just Juhas called. After the 10d turn, Alain checked and Juhas bet 2,800. Alain check-raised to 6,000 and that was good enough to shut down all further action. Alain moved up to 42,000, while Juhas has 18,000 left.

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