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$365 Bounty Event #16 Day 2 3/104

Level 19: 4,000-8,000 / Ante 1,000

On the 9s 8s 2c 7c turn, Jose Menalque bet 26,000 in the small blind and Mohammed Elmazouni called in the big blind. On the 4d river, Menalque checked and Elmazouni announced a bet of 30,400, which would be difficult as the chips for it were raced off. Either way it didn’t matter, as Menalque folded Ac 6c face up.

In one of the next hands, Elmazouni raised to 17,000 and both opponents called in the blinds. On the Ad 6d 3h flop, action checked to Elmazouni and he continued for 36,000. Adam folded, but Menalque check-raised all in to claim the pot.

Shortly after there was some confusion whether or not Elmazouni had checked on two streets and Adam bet 25,000 on a king-high turn. Elmazouni eventually check-called and then check-folded to a shove. He was shown 7c 5h by Adam, who had flopped two pair and rivered a full.

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