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NLHE 6-Handed Event #10 Day 2 4/61

Level 18: 2,500-5,000/ 500

Tommie Janssen limped in, Michael Lech called in the small blind and Willie Janssen checked the big blind. On the Jc 7s 6c flop, action checked to Tommie and he bet 8,000, both opponents called.

After the 4c turn, it was again checked to Tommie and this time his bet of 22,000 was called by Lech only. The latter then checked the 10h on the river and Tommie checked behind, showed the Qd Qh. Lech had that beat with 7h 4d for two pair and Tommie sighed: “A donation, I give it to him.”

Michael Lech – 270,000

Tommie Janssen – 205,000

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