Only One Eder Remains

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event 3 Day 1a 28/61

According to the tournament screens, there are 28 players remaining. Among those is just one of the two Eder’s from Austria, as Mario was spotted on his way out after chatting with a friend still in.

Werner Eder is still in and just min-raised to 1,000 from the button, the small and big blind both called. On the 9d 6c 3d flop, the action checked to Eder and he continued for 1,500. Only Daniel Allafort in the small blind called and then checked again the 8d on the turn. Eder made a second barrel worth 3,000 and Allafort called.

The 4c river went check, check, and Eder’s Jh 8h for a pair of eights scooped the pot. He is at approximately 17,000 while Allafort dropped to 21,000.

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