Prager Doubles Through Ryan

$365 NLHE Event #22 Day 2 5/121

Level 21: 5,000-10,000 / Ante 1,000

With just one showdown, Gerald Mortensen has increased his stack to 245,000 after taking chips off Ramon Baumbach. Stevan Prager on the other hand saw his stack dwindling down to a mere seven big blinds and Martin Ryan raised to 29,000 from the button onto his big blind. Prager shoved and received a quick call.

Stevan Prager: Qc Jh

Martin Ryan: Ks Jd

“Queen me one time,” Prager said and sure enough the flop fell Qd 4s 5d. Neither the 3c turn nor the 7d river changed the outcome of the hand and Prager doubled for 66,000 to leave Ryan on around 280,000.

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