Robbie Bakker Eliminated in 16th Place ($910)

NLHE Event #3 Day 2 15/236

Level 20: 4,000-8,000/1,000

Robbie Bakker raised to 16,000 from the button and Werner Eder called. On the Kd 7h 7d flop, Eder check-called a bet of 13,000 and did so again for 42,000on the 5s turn. After the 8c river, Eder checked again and Bakker shoved.

Eder snap-called and Bakker knew this was bad news when turning over his Js 7s for trips sevens. Eder had improved to a full house, holding 8h 8s, and Bakker was gone in 16th place for $910. Eder is now the chip leader with 438,000.

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