Ryan Loses a Big One

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 1b 85/112

Level 6: 150-300 / Ante 25

After a few limps, Martin Ryan bumped it up from the small blind and received two callers to see a flop of 8h 5h 4s. Ryan continued for 5,500 and Rob Price was the only caller before the Kd fell on the turn. Ryan check-called a bet worth 7,500 and the Qs on the river saw the two-time WSOPC ring event winner bet 18,000. Price moved all in for another 8,150 on top and Ryan called only to see his Qd Qc for a set of queens end up second best to Price’s 7h 6h for a flopped straight.

That hand reduced the stack of Ryan to 8,000, while Price moved up to 85,000

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