Sang In the Zone

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1b 35/35

There are six women in the field thus far with two of them on the table of Felix Sang. One of them was down early on to just 2,500 and shoved a four-way limped flop of Qs 6c 2d.

The next hand, Sang raised the button and both players in the blinds called. On the 9d 7d 6c flop, only the small blind check-called Sang’s continuation bet worth 600 and did so again for 1,200 on the Qs turn. After the 4s river, Sang fired a third barrel worth 1,600 and the small blind called, then mucked when Sang showed him the 9c 7s for two pair.

Felix Sang – 15,000

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