Sellom Eliminated – Hand for Hand

$365 PLO Event #19 Day 2 10/91

Level 16: 2,000-4,000

Jonathan Sellom was all in out of the big blind and Cedric Adam from the small blind as well as Martin Ryan in the big blind checked the flop of Kd Qd 6d. On the Kh turn, Adam check-called a bet worth 6,000 before heck-folding the 8c river to a bet worth 8,000.

Sellom turned over his Ac Qs 3s 2d and Ryan had that beat with Ah 10h 6s 6c to scoop the pot with a full house.

The field has been reduced to the last 10 and the tables will be balanced to play the bubble on two five-handed tables.

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