Staats Putting up Some Good Stats

$365 Monster Stack Event #13 Day 1 80/119

Level 6: 200-400 / Ante 50

There is some special vibe in the tournament area with many Americans being on the smart phones constantly to check on the election progress. One of them is Christopher Staats, and he keeps racking chips in at the same time as well

Staats raised to 1,025 from under the gun and Stephen Saleh called, as did William Hicks in the big blind. On the Kd Kc 4s flop, action checked to Staats and he continued for 1,050, only Saleh called. On the 10h turn, Staats bet 2,600 and that won the pot.

Staats bumped his stack to 68,000, while Saleh (23,000) and Hicks (24,000) are just above starting stack, Tony Makhlouf on the same table is below that with 13,500.

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