Tamulevicius Short Again

$365 PLO Event #19 Day 2 12/91

Level 16: 2,000-4,000

Darius Tamulevicius started well, but has since been cut down to just 30,000 again.

The latest hand saw him raise to 9,000 from the cutoff and William Hicks called on the button. The duo checked down the board of Ah Jd 8d 6h 9h entirely and Hicks claimed the pot with the Ac Kd Qc 7h, he has around 65,000 now.

One table over, Harold Mahaffey raised to 8,000 from the cutoff and Augusto Cavazzini pushed all in for another 17,500 on top. Mahaffey folded and Cavazzini has 35,500 now.

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