The Fierce Battle Continues

$365 Bounty Event #16 Day 2 2/104

Level 21: 6,000-12,000 / Ante 2,000

On a river showing Jh 9d 6d 10s 6h, Jose Menalque bet 45,000 and then called the raise to 150,000 by Jean Luc Adam. The latter showed 10d 3h and won the pot.

Adam dropped some chips by betting a flop of 7h 7d 3d for 75,000 and then folding to a shove before he raised to 26,000 the next hand. Menalque called and the flop 10d 8c 5d went check, check. On the Qc turn, Menalque bet 25,000 and Adam called, then folded on the 3s river to a bet worth 100,000.

Jean Luc Adam – 720,000

Jose Menalque – 520,000

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