The Fireworks Commence

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1b 13/71

Tony Makhlouf’s stack melted in two hands after Gilles Djian doubled through him, the Austrian had only three big blinds left and busted right after. Then, Jean Pierre Didier raised from early position and Djian pushed from the button, the small blind called all in for less and Didier called all in.

Small blind: KhKs

Didier: As Ah

Djian: 9c 9h

The board ran out queen-high and the small blind was eliminated, while Didier doubled through Djian for 28,300 and left his opponent very short. Didier showed aces one more time soon after and Djian then lost his last big blind also to reduce the field to 13.

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