The Overshoves Work

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1b 35 / 70

Two further eliminations including Felix Sang have reduced the field to just 35 hopefuls and one table broke to balance everyone on four tables. Peter Hajszan has been able to build his stack to 43,000, double the current average, while Konstantin Tourevski has around 30,000.

On Tourevski’s table, Joachim Lob raised to 1,000 and picked up one call. Chan Ping Hsiung moved all in for more than 24,000 and Lob as well as the cold-caller folded.

Jean Didier also found no call. He faced two limps and a raise to 1,875 before jamming in his stack to force folds all around. Didier moved to 20,000, which is just shy of the average.

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