The Rush of Rosso

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1c 27/96

Within two hands, the stack of Christophe Rosso has sky-rocketed to 62,000. First Mario Eder opened to 2,500 and Rosso shoved the hijack for 14,100. Eder called with As Jd and lost the flip against 3d 3s on a board of Qs 10c 6d 9s 2c.

Then, Rosso limped in and Martin Ryan raised to 9,200 from one seat over. Rosso called and shoved the flop of 10d 9d 2h. Ryan asked for a count and then called off the 22,200 shove, rather reluctantly, with the Ad Qc. Rosso was ahead with Js 10s and the Kd turn and 4c river bricked.

Ryan has 63,000 left, Eder is down to 34,000.

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