Three Seat Open and A Double

NLHE Event #3 Day 2 27/236

Level 17: 2,000-4,000/500

Suddenly the field has been reduced to just 27 players. Chan Ping Hsiung saw William Hicks and Mario Eder limp in and shoved the small blind with Kd Jd, Hicks called with pocket fives and held up.

Ashram Ragoonanan was all in with Ace-eight against the 6h 6s of Jan-Pierre Didier and improved on the Qs 8h 5h flop. The Jh turn was a blank also, but the 6c river gave Didier the better hand and he apologized for it.

Last but not least, Sean Stoll also joined the rail.

It would have been four in a row, but Christophe Enrici doubled for 38,500 with 3s 3h against the Ah Jh of Werner Eder. The board came 7h 6s 3d Qd Ks. Enricinow has 85,000, while Eder dropped to 145,000.

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