Tourevski Takes from Demir

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1c 67/84

On the four-way flop of 10d 8h 2c, the action had not yet checked to Osman Demir, but he had already bet 600 in the cutoff. One opponent in early position then checked, Osman’s bet stood and Konstantin Tourevski called on the button. The player in early position also called and checked again the 4s turn.

Demir bet 1,100 and Tourevski was the sole caller before the 9c appeared on the river. Demir bet 1,600 and folded when Tourevski raised it up to 4,200.

Konstantin Tourevski – 23,000

Osman Demir – 5,000

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