Two Bangs Before Dinner

NLHE $50,000 GTD Event #3 Day 1c 55/63

Jozef O’Neil made a back door straight only to see Claudette Nannini turn over quads and increase her stack to more than 43,000. “You see, this time quads not against me, ” Ashram Ragoonanan joked from one seat over.

And then, Ricardo Cheng-A-June busted in a setup against Attila Juhas. On the four-way turn of Ks 8h 5c Ac, Sylvie Renelier bet 300 and Ramses Bislick called on the button. Cheng check-raised to 1,200 in the small blind and Juhas then check-reraised to 4,500. Renelier folded with around 8,000 behind and Bislick also folded.

Cheng shoved with the Kd 5h for kings and fives, Juhas had that beat with Kc 8d and the Jc on the river blanked.

Juhas moved up to 19,000 after the hand, while the biggest stack on the table belongs to Patrick Alain on around 30,000.

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