Wapp and Dijkhoffz on the Rail

NLHE Event #3 Day 2 36/236

Level 16: 1,500-3,000/500

The next two players on the rail are Johann Dijkhoffz and Dietmar Wapp.

Wapp defended his big blind against the raise of Hatice Demir and then over-bet the flop of Kc 8d 6d. Demir raised enough to put Wapp in and the latter called it off with 7d 4d for the straight and flush draw. Demir held Kh Jh for top pair and the 8s turn and 10s river were blanks.

And then, Jose Duzanson raised from early position and Dijkhoffz pushed a short stack from the cutoff. Duzanson reluctantly called with Ad 7d and Dijkhoffz turned over the Kd Qs. A board of 9s 7h 4c 8s Jc kept the better hand preflop in the lead to reduce the field to 36.

Hatice Demir – 168,000

Jose Duzanson – 66,000

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