Jean-Luc Adam Wins the $365 Bounty Event #16

Only 12 players out of 104-entry strong field returned to the tables of the Casino Royale and Jean-Luc Adam was leading the hopefuls in the hunt for a World Series of Poker Circuit ring on Day 2 of the §365 Bounty Event. Adam started the day with a solid chip lead and never surrendered it until heads up before defeating fellow Frenchman Jose Menalque.

The day started with a bang when Jacco van Limpt three-bet preflop and c-bet a queen-high flop before shoving the turn with pocket aces. Menalque snap-called with king-jack suited for the nut straight and sent the Dutchman to the rail.

Joachim Lob followed next when he three-bet jammed for heaps with ace-king and Adam called with ace-queen to spike a queen on the river. While Mohammed Elmazouni doubled, the next all in showdown would send two players to the rail. Menalque raised the cutoff, Walter Treccarichi shoved from the button and Gerald Mortensen called all in from the small blind. Mortensen showed ace-king, Treccarichi had ace-nine and Menalque pocket eights. A king on the flop was followed by an eight on the turn and suddenly the field was reduced to just eight.

Herve Bourgois had barely taken his seat on the final table when he ran with pocket jacks into the pocket kings of Menalque in the small blind. He was soon joined by John Yocca, as the American’s queen-jack suited for top pair on the flop were no good against the pocket aces of Adam.

Local player Sylvie Renelier followed in 6th place after three-bet jamming out of the big blind with queen-jack. Arman Bosnakyan looked her up with pocket queens and faded an open-ended straight draw on the flop to reduce the field to five.

Robbie Bakker then shoved an eight-high flop with pocket sevens only for Adam to look him up with pocket nines. There was no runner runner miracle or suckout and Bakker had to settle for 5th place.

Arman Bosnakyan doubled up his short stack twice, then put his hopes on an open-ended straight draw. It was once again Adam who was just waiting for it and snap-called with trips nines to hold up after a blank river.

Down to the last three, Mohammed Elmazouni was the shortest stack, but doubled up twice and became the most active player. After being cut down again, he flopped two pair with king-five and checked. Adam checked behind and the stacks then went in after a seven on the turn. Adam flashed king-seven for the better two pair and that was it for the Dutchman.

Adam started heads-up with a 3-1 lead over Menalque, but the latter took the top spot after turning a straight with six-seven. Adam grinded his way back into a comfortable lead and the last hand was a limped pot. On a paired ace-high flop with flush draw, Menalque bet small and check-raised all in after a heart on the turn only to find himself up against the two-three of hearts of Adam. Menalque had some outs still with nine-seven, but the river bricked.


Final Result of the Bounty Event #16

Place Player Country Payout
1 Jean-Luc Adam France $6,240
2 Jose Menalque France $3,850
3 Mohammed Elmazouni Netherlands $2,750
4 Arman Bosnakyan Canada $1,990
5 Robbie Bakker Netherlands $1,480
6 Sylvie Renelier Sint Maarten $1,120
7 John Yocca USA $850
8 Herve Bourgois Guadeloupe $680
9 Walter Treccarichi Italy $550
10 Gerald Mortensen USA $430
11 Joachim Lob Switzerland $430
12 Jacco van Limpt Netherlands $430

The Pot-Limit Omaha Event will determine the next winner of an elusive WSOP Circuit ring and there are already more than 80 players registered.

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